Pest Control and Environmental Services Specifically Designed for the Toronto Beaches And Bluffs

Our family run business allows us to offer great service. We are always learning new ways to help you. Our commitment to volunteering information and explaining everything in advance differentiates us from our competitors.  We assume you can understand the situation and by default we use a collaborative approach.  We also can take it over completely so you can turn prevention or problems into a reasonable expense.  You choose.

  • Local and Green Pest Control Services

    Local and Green Pest Control Services

    Eco-Friendly IPM Serivces for the Toronto Beaches and Bluffs
  • Eco-Friendly Best Practices and Operations

    Eco-Friendly Best Practices and Operations

    We use the most eco-friendly green methods to prevent infestations. It all starts with your home envelope.

Take Control of Your Home and Save!

You can greatly reduce the chance of infestation by checking the exterior of your house.  Windows doors, and their seals are an important part.  Pipes and hoses going through the walls need to be sealed tightly.  Is there water pooling?  Why?  The location of your woodpiles and birdhouses are also important.  Are any critters building nests?  With a good walk through and some crucial but also simple knowledge you can make your house more suited to the exclusion of unwanted wildlife and insect pests.  That's super green.  No infestation.  No pesticide.  Call us when you need us.  We'll help you with strategies that are part prevention and part cure.  You'll save money.  You can pay us as you go.  No contract required.

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